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How To Find The Best Golf Equipment For Your Skill Level

The Best Golf Equipment For Beginners

I hate trial and error when it comes to spending money. I much prefer unbiased golf equipment reviews to make my purchasing decisions. I've even been known to whip out my iPhone and use its web browser to look up a product review while I was in a pro shop. This has often saved me from wasting money on a product that wasn't right for me.

But where do you look and how can you tell what's biased and what's unbiased? And where to find a good site? Things have changed over the past 15 years. Back then, email was a productivity tool and not an exercise in frustration with all the spam. Likewise, websites gave you actual information whereas today half of them are a canned paragraph of useless text and a barrage of obnoxious ads.

My ideal golf website is created and run by a true golfaholic. Somehow who knows the game inside out, yet also knows how to write and run a website. The site would explain the game of golf, describe all the equipment needed for golf, contain tips an…